13 May, 2020

What to Prioritise when looking at a Quote

6 May, 2020

Putting the Puzzle Together is Easy!

Managing a building project is like putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle 🧩… It takes lots of time and consideration to create something that is of high quality – and it can’t be don ...

29 Apr, 2020

The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Here's why

Why does it pay to start your project early? Here’s why ⬇️… Believe it or not, most building works require council approval before work can commence. More often than not, local aut ...

22 Apr, 2020

The Importance of Blueprints and Layouts

Why is it important to obtain good drawings from a designer 🤔? Well-drawn blueprints and designs can ultimately save you time and money the moment your project is underway… It’s also ...

15 Apr, 2020

Making the most of your Time

Even as a homeowner and client, building a home from the ground up can take up lots of time ⌚️. Meetings, site inspections, material selections…going through each stage of your project ca ...

8 Apr, 2020

Why Investing in proper Design & Documentation Matters

It may cost you 💵 to create a detailed design of your new property, it’s definitely worth the investment! Detailed drawings will be required to obtain council approval and, while architects ...